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You ain’t going Nowhere

You couldn’t have come

You know the rest



Easy does it

(J. Jongeling)


I wanna be a president wanna be a king

And live my life without doing a thing

Wanna be a soldier wanna be a tramp

Wanna be a poet wanna be a superman


Just wanna have fun without a dollar in my hand

Wanna be a politician and really make a stand

Wanna write a story that everyone believes

And found a religion that never deceives



Easy does it easy does it

There’re so many ways to go

Easy does it easy does it

Wait for the time to show


I wanna be a tree and carry a thousand birds

That leave for the south on the cue of no word

Wanna be a schoolyard and let the children play

Wanna be a book in an outstanding way


Wanna count on fellowmen never judge a word

Wanna remember all tales that I’ve ever heard

Wanna be a muslim a buddhist and a jew

And meet understanding while talking to you




I wanna step inside and know exactly what to say

And count on good belief whenever I pray

Wanna keep on drinking without getting drunk

And see Don Juan turn into a monk




Easy does it easy does it

Just wait for the time to show

Easy does it easy does it

Cause you got a lotta lives to go



The Late Morning Dew

(J. Jongeling)


When I was invited to a party one day

I stepped into serious problems I say

Cause there right before me on a table or two

Were lined up big bottles with the finest of booze



They passed me another with the colour of amber

How many then followed I really don’t remember

A terrible headache was the next thing I knew

When I opened my eyes in the late morning dew


I said to myself man you better beware

For you know how it goes when the first one is there

And the second and third one and the fourth taste so good

And you don’t know yourself when you’re in a drunk mood




I met this fine lady on a bright afternoon

I invited her sober for a walk under the moon

She accepted my proposal in a generous way

But something went wrong on this terrible day


Cause before I would meet her in this sweet summernight

I passed by a pub with some good friends inside

I took one for courage to face this fair dame

And ended up singing, forgot her just the same


Refrein (2x)



Would You

(J. Jongeling)


Would you lie for me if I asked you to

Would you believe me if I promised you the moon

Would you betray a friend to keep out of the heat

Would you know what to choose if the worst you would meet


Would you change your ways if someone tried to force you

Would you break a vow if it seemed you had to

Would you stay with me if I’d commited a crime

Would you wait for me if I had to do my time



What would you do?

What would you do?


Would you hold your tongue even if you knew a secret

Would you manage to do so if it seemed you better not

Would you be able to kill under certain circumstances

Now tell me would you or would you not



It’s a wonder

(J. Jongeling)


I’ve done a whole lot of living

From here to my past

Looking back to when my life was given

Some things slow down and others flash


Good, bad, humility and pride

Mingle up and shape my life

Ideals and evil I did find

Lost some dreams and spilled a wife



It’s a wonder it’s a wonder

I’m sure you can bet

In spite of all you hold against me

What you see is what you get


If this was the eve of destruction

I would still sow a seed

Create a way to pay my debts

And pave a road for future feet


So please don’t try to change me

There’s may be not much time left

Enjoy me like I am and remember

This is all that I have





Look in the mirror and discover

Parts of me, parts of you

So if you point a finger at me

Three fingers Point at you





No Chorus

(J. Jongeling)


Welcome to this bunch of chords

That all together seem to fit

I ran into them just by surprise

Didn’t cause much sweat to work them out


But if you expected a proper song

You better skip this one right now

But with the words there’s nothing wrong

And it only lasts about a minute or four


There’s no chorus in this funny tune

That I wrote on a Thursday morn

It sounds a bit weird but it’s not too long

In fact i think we’re half way now


You may have noticed it barely rhymes

But it’s got it’s rhytm even more

So take your chance while it’s here

And drag your feet up to the dance floor

Gutsy dutchy

(J. Jongeling)


After the war in 45

New plans were made, spirit was alive

We were now gonna put

The things in the right place


But after 60 years of hard work and labour

We smash the head of our next door neighbour

Just because

We didn’t like the grin on his face


We burned the leftovers of mistakes before

And stumbled ahead to the things we stood for

But somewhere I guess

We took the wrong trail


Cause in spite of the things we believed in the sixties

We wound up as a bunch of fucking egocentrics

And as the circle is closed

We’ll bite our own tail



Hey, gutsy dutchy, raise your voice

Hey, gutsy dutchy, you ain’t got no choice


After our votes and their inauguration

Politicians forget about the needs of the nation

And they’re just putting up

Their own selfish fight


They really don’t add nothing to society’s needs

They lie and they cheat in their gouvernement seats

But the worse thing is

We gave them the right




This poor land made out of water

Constructed by men, brave sons and daughters

Is having a hard time

I can tell you that


So shed a tear and raise another glass

Of all days before this one could be the best

And count your blessings

If you got any left




Hey, gutsy dutchy, raise your voice



Minstrel Boogie

(J. Jongeling)


He is there without warning

Gone in the morning

Singing his lies and his truths

You live according to plan

While he’s doing one night stands

Keeping his feet on the move


Many of you stand and hold

Your breath when he sings

His songs about the dreams you’ve lost

You know he’s just a hobo

And he don’t fit in

The way you earn your cost



But there’s a hat on the floor

You know what it’s for

It’s for the wine and the bread

So don’t forget the hat


He’s still got the guts

to wander around

And roam from town to town

And he blows himself

A mighty good temper

Every time you’re feelin’ down


Refrein (2x)


Don’t sentence him on what you think

He might have taken from you

Cause it wasn’t strickly yours my friend

You just struggle with your own remorce


He is there without warning

Gone in the morning

Singing his lies and his truths

He knows he’s just a man

Doing one night stands

But keeping his feet on the move